LOSGAL MC25000 (LOST MARY) Disposable 5% (PACK OF 5)

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  • LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable 5% - Packaging display showcasing the sleek design and premium branding of the pack of 5 disposables.
  • Close-up of a single LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable - Detailed view highlighting the elegant design and robust construction of the device.
  • 16mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid - Highlighting the ample e-liquid capacity of the LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable, providing long-lasting use.
  • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength - Emphasizing the potent nicotine strength of the disposable vape for a satisfying experience.
  • 750mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery - Featuring the powerful and rechargeable battery of the LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable for extended usage
  • Approximately 25,000 Puffs - Showcasing the impressive puff count of the disposable vape, making it a highly economical choice.
  • Mega HD Animation Screen - Displaying the advanced HD screen that shows battery and e-liquid levels, as well as vaping and charging animations.
  • Battery & E-Liquid Levels - Close-up of the HD screen indicating the current battery and e-liquid levels.
  • Vaping & Charging Animation - Highlighting the dynamic animations on the screen for an enhanced user experience
  • Dual Mesh Coil Technology - Emphasizing the dual mesh coil for consistent and flavorful vapor production.
  • Adjustable Power up to 25W - Showcasing the adjustable power settings for a customizable vaping experience
  • Adjustable Airflow from MTL to DTL - Featuring the adjustable airflow settings, allowing users to switch between Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping styles.
  • Portable Size - Displaying the compact and portable design of the LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable, perfect for on-the-go vaping.
  • Type-C Charging Port - Close-up of the Type-C charging port for convenient and fast recharging of the device.
  • User-Friendly Design - Highlighting the easy-to-use features of the LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable, ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers
  • Premium Build Quality - Emphasizing the high-quality materials and construction of the LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable for durability and reliability
  • Complete Pack of 5 - Displaying all five disposables included in the pack, offering great value and convenience for users.
  • Approximately 25,000 Puffs - Showcasing the impressive puff count of the disposable vape, making it a highly economical choice.
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LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable (Powered by Lost Mary) 5% (Pack of 5)

Discover the ultimate in disposable vaping with the LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable 5% (Pack of 5) Powered by Lost Mary. Designed for both convenience and performance, this premium disposable device offers a seamless and satisfying vaping experience. Perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers, each device is packed with advanced features and a generous amount of e-liquid to ensure long-lasting enjoyment.


  • 16mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid: Each device comes with 16mL of high-quality e-liquid, providing ample supply for extended use.
  • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength: Enjoy a potent nicotine hit with 5% (50mg) nicotine strength, delivering a satisfying and smooth experience.
  • 750mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a powerful 750mAh battery that is rechargeable via Type-C, ensuring you stay powered up throughout the day.
  • Approximately 25,000 Puffs: With an impressive lifespan, each device offers approximately 25,000 puffs, making it highly economical and convenient.
  • Mega HD Animation Screen: Featuring a Mega HD animation screen that displays battery and e-liquid levels, along with vaping and charging animations for an enhanced user experience.
  • Dual Mesh Coil: The dual mesh coil technology ensures consistent and flavorful vapor production.
  • Adjustable Power up to 25W: Customize your vaping experience with adjustable power settings up to 25W.
  • Adjustable Airflow: Enjoy versatile vaping options with adjustable airflow, allowing for MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) to DTL (Direct-to-Lung) preferences.

Why Choose LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable 5%?

The LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable 5% is designed to provide a superior vaping experience with its advanced features and high-quality construction. Whether you’re looking for convenience, performance, or long-lasting use, this disposable device has it all. Ideal for both new and seasoned vapers, it offers a potent nicotine hit, customizable settings, and an easy-to-use design.

Prime Supply Distro – Your Trusted Source for LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable 5%

At Prime Supply Distro, we are committed to offering the best vaping products on the market. Our LOSGAL MC25000 Disposable 5% (Pack of 5) is sourced from reputable manufacturers and undergoes strict quality control measures. Shop with us for competitive prices, exceptional service, and a wide selection of premium vape products.

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