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  • Showcasing the elegant and sleek black design of the Ignite v15 Disposable Vape Device. Its compact and modern look exemplifies the perfect blend of style and functionality, making it a top choice for discerning vapers
  • A vibrant display of the Ignite v15's diverse flavor range. From refreshing Cucumber Ice to exotic Lychee, each flavor is vividly presented, highlighting the rich variety available to cater to every palate
  • A detailed close-up showcasing the Ignite v15's ergonomic mouthpiece and transparent e-liquid tank. This image emphasizes the device's user-friendly design and the clarity of its high-capacity 5.1ml e-liquid tank
  • Focusing on the robust 850mAh built-in battery of the Ignite v15. This image highlights the device's long-lasting power capability, ensuring an enduring and uninterrupted vaping experience
  • An attractive layout of the Ignite v15's packaging and contents. The image showcases the sleek packaging design along with the vape device, emphasizing the ready-to-use aspect and the premium quality of the product
  • A lifestyle image featuring the Ignite v15 in a real-world setting. This photo connects with the audience by showing the vape device in use, illustrating its ease of use and portability, perfect for on-the-go vaping
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Elevate your vaping experience with the Ignite v15 Disposable Vape Device, now available at PrimeSupplyDistro.com. This sleek and user-friendly device is a game-changer in the vaping world, offering an unparalleled combination of flavor, convenience, and quality.

Key Features:

  • Extended Vaping Pleasure: Enjoy over 1500 puffs with a generous 5.1ml e-liquid capacity, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction.
  • Premium Synthetic Nicotine: Contains 5% (50mg) synthetic salt nicotine, providing a smooth and consistent vaping experience.
  • Power-Packed Performance: Equipped with a robust 850mAh battery, the Ignite v15 is designed for endurance and reliability.
  • Auto-Draw Technology: Hassle-free vaping with no charging or settings adjustments needed.
  • Diverse Flavor Selection: Choose from 22 tantalizing flavors, ranging from the exotic Cucumber Ice and Lychee to classic blends like Strawberry Apple Watermelon.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Non-refillable and non-rechargeable, the Ignite v15 is crafted with environmental responsibility in mind.

Flavor Palette:

Indulge in a spectrum of flavors, including Banana Ice, Blue Razz Ice, and the unique Peach Cantaloupe Papaya. Whether you prefer fruity, icy, or classic tobacco notes, there's a flavor to match every preference.

Why Choose Ignite v15?

The Ignite v15 stands out for its lab-tested, tobacco-free nicotine and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a safe and enjoyable vaping journey. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned vapers, it's a top-tier choice for those seeking convenience without compromising on taste or quality.

Packaging Contents:

Each package includes 1 Ignite v15 Disposable Vape Device, ready to use right out of the box.

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