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  • Pack of 6 STRIO Budder Knife displayed in its sleek packaging, highlighting the compact and portable design ideal for any dab enthusiast.
  • Detailed view of the Budder Knife’s innovative ceramic tip, designed to heat up and manage sticky concentrates effortlessly, ensuring a clean and waste-free application.
  • Action shot of the Budder Knife by STRIO being used to handle wax concentrate, demonstrating its easy-to-use functionality and effective heating capability.
  • Close-up of the USB Type-C charging port on the Budder Knife, emphasizing the modern, fast-charging technology that keeps your sessions uninterrupted.
  • Visual of the Budder Knife's variable voltage settings, with color-coded indicator lights (Green, Blue, Red) to customize your dabbing experience according to your preferences.
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Discover the Ultimate Dabbing Experience with STRIO’s Budder Knife - Pack of 6

Elevate your concentrate sessions with the STRIO Budder Knife, specifically designed to handle the toughest concentrates with unparalleled ease. This tool is a must-have for enthusiasts seeking efficiency, convenience, and a mess-free experience.

Powerful Performance: Equipped with a robust 650mAh battery, the Budder Knife ensures you can enjoy your sessions without interruptions. The reliable battery life means you’re always ready for a smooth dabbing experience.

Rapid Charging Technology: Featuring a modern USB Type-C charging port, the Budder Knife charges faster than traditional devices, minimizing downtime and enhancing your experience with quick, efficient power boosts.

Customizable Voltage Settings: Tailor your dabbing experience with three adjustable voltage settings (2.5V, 3.3V, 4.0V). Whether you prefer gentle flavorful hits or robust clouds, the Budder Knife adapts to your preferences at the press of a button.

Efficient Ceramic Tip: Say goodbye to sticky situations with the Budder Knife’s ceramic tip. This innovative feature heats up to simplify handling concentrates, allowing for easy transfer without waste or mess.

Versatile and User-Friendly: Ideal for various concentrate types, from shatter to sticky waxes, the Budder Knife features intuitive controls:

  • Power On/Off: Quick five presses to toggle power, confirmed with a three-flash gear light.
  • Voltage Adjustment: Three rapid presses to shift voltage, indicated by color-coded lights (Green for 2.5V, Blue for 3.3V, Red for 4.0V).
  • Preheating Function: Two presses activate a 15-second preheat cycle, easily stopped with another press.

Upgrade to STRIO’s Budder Knife for a flawless, efficient, and enjoyable dabbing experience. Available now at Prime Supply Distro – your premier choice for top-quality dabbing tools. Embrace the future of concentrates with STRIO’s Budder Knife and transform your sessions today!

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