4.9 OZ Dissim Ultra-Premium Butane Lighter Fuel

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4.9 OZ Dissim Ultra-Premium Butane Lighter Fuel

Experience the ultimate in lighter fuel with Dissim Ultra-Premium Butane Lighter Fuel. This 4.9-ounce canister contains high-quality butane that's specifically crafted for your Dissim lighters and other premium torches.

Dissim Ultra-Premium Butane Lighter Fuel is designed for a clean and efficient burn, ensuring a consistent and reliable flame for all your lighting needs. Whether you're lighting cigars, pipes, candles, or any other application, this butane fuel is up to the task.

The 4.9-ounce size is perfect for keeping your lighter ready for action. It's easy to carry and use, making it ideal for everyday use or travel. Plus, the canister is equipped with a universal filling tip for easy refills.

Product Details:

  • Provides more powerful and taller flames
  • Fills faster, ensuring your lighter is ready when you need it
  • Specially designed high-altitude formula rejuvenates diminishing flames in "high mileage" lighters at any elevation
  • Near zero impurities for a cleaner burn
  • Stable non-volatile impurities
  • Contains less than 15 parts per million contaminants, ensuring your lighter's longevity
  • Safeguards against harmful impurities that can clog lighters
  • Comparable to using 93 Octane Gasoline for your car, ensuring top-notch performance
  • Stock up on Dissim Ultra-Premium Butane Lighter Fuel to keep your lighter in its best condition.
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